3 fish that died

Kenkey with fish, Tamale, Ghana This fish died, dried and then hung around (for probably a bit too long to be hygienic) in a glass cabinet, before being served with our favourite lunchtime staple, kenkey (made of fermented cornmeal).
Groundnut soup banku and fish, Tamale, Ghana This fish unfortunately drowned in my groundnut soup. And was served with banku (which is made with a mixture of fermented corn dough and cassava dough).
Boiled rice, stew, fish, Tamale, Ghana I’m not sure how this fish died, but he wasn’t happy about it.
(Served with plain rice and stew).

Hot stuff

Scotch bonnet chilli peppers  GhanaHere at Team Tamale we’re quite proud of our ability to eat even the spiciest of dishes that Ghana throws at us… which is no mean feat given that the use of scotch bonnet chillies is rife here.

Rumour has it that the orange chillies are the hottest… so this week, Ben and Zoe thought they’d test to see if the rumour was true:

(Apologies for any swearing in the heat of the moment).

After making this film, they both drank two bags of water (1 litre) each, and then Zoe cried uncontrollably for about 3 hours.